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Trump Indicted

Donald J. Trump has been indicted on charges related to his hush money payment to an adult film actress. He becomes the first former president to ever be indicted on a criminal charge.

Cartwright is Out

After one of the most prolonged battles in the history of the School Board of Broward County, Superintendent Vickie L. Cartwright will no longer hold that position.

Brenda Fam is Dangerous

Having spread lies about her opponent for the past several months, she has proven herself to be unworthy to hold the office she wishes to seek.

The Constitution’s Secret Voter Protection Weapon

Section 2, known as the penalty clause, states that if a state creates laws which suppress the vote, the percentage of citizens which cannot vote shall be the same percentage of U.S. Representatives in a state’s Congressional delegation which that state shall not be able to have.


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